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Break The Routine: Five Ways To Explore More This Year (...Without Leaving Your Own City!)

Happy (belated) New Year, Boston.

When we think about the New Year, we think about a new decade, and -- what else, but a new you. With January now having come and gone and February set to hand it over to March, we hope you’ve stuck to those resolutions of yours. Don’t worry, we’re sure that monthly statement from your new gym membership works as an effective reminder and all, but why DO we insist on carrying on this custom, anyway?

The new year brings in a refreshing feeling, a chance for a new start, and a reason (if all others fail) to pursue something you said you’d always do! What can be more satisfying than accomplishing something you’ve always wanted to do, but never set your mind to? Until NOW!

It’s almost too easy to allow oneself to get into a routine, and it’s even easier to think up reasons to avoid breaking it. The monotony of it all almost goes unnoticed until you suddenly feel desperate for a change of scenery, even if it means getting out of your comfort zone. Everything’s just too familiar. Too boring. Too LAST year...

Get me out of here -- I’ve got to explore something, somewhere, somehow!

We've compiled our Top Five Urban Adventures that you can embark on this year (and BONUS: They're all easily accessible and within minutes from your new urban apartment home here at Velo).

1. Off The Beaten Path Food Tours

YEP. You read that right. FOOD TOURS. Sounds almost too good to be true, but thanks to the brilliant foodie minds of foodie masterminds Lizzie & Sam, you can now secure a spot on one of their many guided food tours throughout the city...

"Off The Beaten Path Food Tours’ founders Lizzie and Sam are long-time Somerville and Cambridge residents and currently live in the heart of Davis Square with their great dane dog Maddie. With a genuine love for the region and passion for food tours and off-the-beaten-path travel adventures, Lizzie and Sam set out to showcase their hometown by giving guests an authentic and satisfying tour experience!"

With tour options focused on everything from chocolate to vegan (and even vegan chocolate) we're positive you'll find the perfect tour for you. Try their Jamaica Plain Food Tour and start by exploring your own neighborhood in a fun (and delicious) way!

2. #SundayFunday Brewery Loop

Looking for the motivation to leave the couch on a Sunday? A local brewery crawl may just do the trick… Luckily, some of the cities best breweries are right around the corner from Velo, and we’re going to tell you exactly where to go:

Turtle Swamp Brewing

With a taproom in JP and Beer Garden around the corner in Roslindale.. Turtle Swamp has you covered. With pop-up food vendors, live music, and pet-friendly atmosphere - There’s no other place like it. Oh, and did we mention the beer??

Samuel Adams Brewery

No Boston Brewery Loop is complete without a trip to old faithful: The Samuel Adams Taproom. The oldest brewery in Boston still holds it down more than 30 years later. Come for the Boston Lager - Stay for the Stump Trivia on Thursday nights.

Distraction Brewing Co.

This new kid on the block sure knows whats up... Distraction Brewing hit the Roslindale scene preaching the motto: Kick Back. BE[ER] Yourself. And they nailed it. Quirky, Friendly, Laid Back- A must-stop on your brewery loop list.

3. Explore the Emerald Necklace

Olmstead had a serious vision. Wrapping your head around it all can seem dizzying. But with the help of a trusty guide map courtesy of, you'll master the lay of the land in no time.

Find your new favorite running spot (or your dogs new favorite,) go for a hike, or simply explore the New England landscape. Check out the Emerald Necklace walking map (and lots more!) here.

4. Get Hands On

If you've ever thought about taking up Sewing, Crochet, Woodworking, Bookbinding, Underwater Basket Weaving (OK maybe that's a stretch..)The Eliot School probably has you covered. With a list of classes open to the public and a schedule that’s always updating, we’re positive you’ll find your next creative calling.

Check them out over on and find your new hobby. Or better yet.. hidden talent.

5. Embrace Boston Winter

Get Outside And Get Moving! The Boston Parks Winter Series offers free classes all over the city. Classes start on January 5 and end on May 1. Everyone is welcome, no matter what your fitness level is. If you still can't bring yourself to get motivated before May… don't forget. The Summer Fitness series kicks off June 3rd.

Developing a bit of a wanderlust and getting a budding interest in broadening your horizons is just human nature! Especially if the grind is getting to you more than you’d like to admit. So wake that brain up, get the wheels turning, meet some new people, explore a new place and learn something new! Now that’s an accomplishment you can achieve.

Why not make it your resolution?

We hope we’ve convinced you to take a second look at what’s waiting for you out there. It’s high-time you made 2020 your year, and nothing’s stopping you now!

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