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Thanksgiving at Velo

How to Virtually Host/Attend Thanksgiving at Velo

Thanksgiving at Velo looks a little bit different this year. Instead of meeting with your family around the table like normal, you might be hosting or attending a virtual celebration. This is new territory. How can you navigate this change for success?

Know the Plan

For your virtual Thanksgiving to flow well, there needs to be a host. This person is in charge of the schedule and sparks conversations. Rather you’re that host or not, you still need to know and share the plan. What’s the start time? What’s on the menu? When should the food be ready? Who should speak and when? Without answering these questions, your Thanksgiving celebration will be chaos. If there’s a host and a thought-out plan that everyone knows, it’s a lot easier to meet together virtually.

Keep Still

There’s one rule that everyone should know – keep still. Everyone should join the event ready to go. Try to limit lots of moving, standing, or moving in and out of the screen. If everyone is moving around the entire time, there will be too many distractions to focus on family and conversation. Make sure everyone knows that they should remain seated, if possible, throughout the celebration so that it’s uniform and simple. Though it might not match the madness that your Thanksgiving Day may normally be, it’s necessary this year.

Decorate and Dress Up

Just because everyone isn’t together face-to-face doesn’t mean that everyone can’t participate. Take your virtual Thanksgiving celebration seriously. Put on your best sweater. Set your table with fall-themed decorations. Set a pumpkin up behind you so it’s visible for all to see. If everyone does this, it will make your Thanksgiving at Velo more enjoyable, entertaining and normal. Keep it festive and get into the true holiday spirit! It’ll make the event better for everyone.

Your virtual Thanksgiving at Velo can be just as fun and heartwarming as all the Thanksgivings you’ve had in years past. Though nothing is better than a hug from a loved one you haven’t seen in a while, this will have to do for now. Get ready have your most unique Thanksgiving ever!

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