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3 Tips for Making this Year at Velo Your Best Year Yet

Who isn’t ready to say goodbye to 2020? As it comes close to the time in which we ring in a new year, many are thinking about how they’re going to be different in 2021. Look no further. These tips will help you make this year at Velo the very best it can be.

Set Goals, Not Resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are popular, but how many people actually stick to the list they made on December 31? Not many. That’s why, instead of making resolutions, you should make a list of goals for 2021. The difference between the two is a goal highlights a very specific achievement to be completed on a specific date. If you wanted to lose weight, try instead writing down “lose 10 pounds by July” and focus on that. And yes, it is important to physcially write these goals down. This change is sure to help you make 2021 your best year yet.

Make Room for the New

You’ve got to get rid of the old to make room for the new. If you’re serious about making this year your best year at Velo, then you’re going to need to let some things go. Start a clean slate. If there are any projects you haven’t finished yet, then give up them. Start a new project and set a time frame for getting it done. Remove clutter from your workspace. You’ve got commit to making a new you by getting of things that involve the past you.

Make Time for Yourself

The important thing you can do for a better you in 2021 is to make time for yourself. This might mean committing to exercising daily. It might mean creating a better work-life balance. It could even be as simple as reading a book or taking a bath a few times a week. Whatever you choose to do, stick with it. It’s important that you find what’s missing from your life now and commit to making it a habit. Your mental and physical health will thank you.

Say hello to 2021 and goodbye to the old you. These tips will help you make sure that all your dreams for this year at Velo come true.

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